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When a health condition becomes your identity

Receiving a diagnosis of a health condition, particularly chronic health conditions, can be extremely difficult for anyone. The adjustment process can take a long time, as the person learns more about their condition, finds ways to manage it or even put their symptoms in remission, and learns how to navigate life with the condition. However, […]

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Body image, changing ideals and the pursuit of fitting in

One of the things that has come up a lot recently in my discussions with people, is body image. Research shows us that body image difficulties are extremely common for both women and men, and are likely exacerbated by social media and expectations about how we think we ‘should’ look. Whilst this article focuses on […]

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Let's talk about stress (Part 2)

In part 1 of this series on stress, we identified some of the different types of stress. These included ‘external’ stresses such as having too much on or not sleeping enough, and ‘internal’ stresses which included beliefs and narratives about ourselves and the world (such as ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘things will eventually go wrong’). […]

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Let's talk about stress (Part 1)

All of us have some knowledge and experience of stress. Stress is often talked about, and we hear all the time about how stress is bad for us. This article (which is article 1 of 2) aims to shed a bit more light on stress, different types of stress and how it can impact us, […]

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The Problem with Uncertainty

You may have noticed that when you look back, situations involving uncertainty have been really hard to deal with. Research tells us that dealing with uncertainty is extremely difficult for humans, so if you can relate to this, you are human!  When we think about how our brains work, this makes total sense. Our brain’s […]

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